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((LP: So about the lack of response…))

LP: I’d like to apologize about that. @_@
You see, Nina and I have been working on making this thing into a full-on AU. We’ve been in the process of creating the story and character designs the past week or two.

Pairing this up with school(especially nearing finals)doesn’t exactly make for a good mix.

I’m also trying to figure out a specific style to go about these reponses with, as the current one takes too long. Hours for one simple reply. So picture answers may be lacking for the time being unless Nina feels like answering a few.

</3 Again, sorry, I hope you guys understand. We love all 37 of you to death really. And we’re going to try to make this as awesome as possible.


Anonymous asked:

What video games do you two like to play?

TA: ii play ju2t about everythiing from amne2iia two pokemon.

TA: wow ii2 the mo2t addiictiive 2hiit you wiill ever run iinto. ii 2ugge2t 2ayiing away from iit at all co2t.

CA: i wwould havve to say my favvorites are the classics

CA: sonic and pokemon wwere best back in the nineties

TA: you haven’t even giiven the new generatiion2 a chance. at lea2t try 2econd.

CA: nevver

CA: you just wwant me to leavve my seadra defenseless sol admit it

TA: iif you went two johto iit could evolve you know.

CA: bull hes perfectly fine the wway he is


Anonymous asked:

eridan, how do you feel about sollux?

CA: hm

CA: wwhale

CA: of course i glubbin lovve him

CA: but i dont knoww wwhat i wwould do wwithout him

CA: its hard to imagine comin back to the apartment and not seein him sittin at the table studyin or tinkerin wwith one a his computers

CA: an i hope he feels the same about me…

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